#1 Vibrations

#1 Vibrations – Writing Prompts from Reddit.

/u/Beed28 submitted the writing prompt:
Long, continuous vibrations are being felt all over the world. As the days pass, they worsen. “

“First time I noticed, old Tom handed me a pint and it shook in his hand. Thought the poor lad had Parkinson’s or something! But it happened again. Round about every Sunday when I was in the pub. More or less every time, I’d be taking a sip and I’d spill it everywhere.”

“The wife complains to me nearly every night now. They keep happening. That spice rack – the one I built for her for Christmas? – stupid thing just spills them out onto the counter. Fourteen jars smashed now so I’ve had to put a bar across it. It looks ugly now. Kitchen’s a mess, we can’t keep books on the shelves. Piles of them on the floor. And the telly stopped working. Now I have to read. Christ.”

“Can’t sleep anymore. Far worse than before, you know, daily. It’s daily and it’s nightly and it’s awful.”

“Still, when me and the wife have sex, she fuckin’ loves it.”

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