#2 Solar

#2 Solar – Another writing prompt response from Nesbit.

/u/CrimsonChin11 submitted the writing prompt:
Sometime in the near future our technology becomes solely dependent on Solar Energy. Tell us about the day the Sun went black.

Didn’t know what had happened. When it went out, we had no idea. Everyone has their stories of thinking they went blind and thinking their eyeballs had fallen out, some people driving their cars off cliffs and that. Not us, though.

Had a lock-in down in The White Hart. Barkeep lit some candles, made it all nice and cosy and we drank ourselves through the night. Now, the barkeep – that’s Billy, that is – has a funny thing with clocks so he took ’em all out the pub. Doesn’t like ’em because he thinks you serve customers until they’re done, not until his shift ends. Anyway, because of that, of course, no one inside knows what time it is.

After about 8 hours of drinking and pissing and the pool table got boring, we all decide it’s the morning. We stumble out and it’s pitch black, just a bit of light from the candles inside. Being pissed and all, none of us can see anyway.

But, you know, no one thought ‘Oh shit! The suns bloody gone out!’

We said ‘Nah, not morning yet, let’s carry on drinking.’

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