The Unfavourable Side

The Unfavourable Side

Flying cars and hovering farms,
Hydrated desert plants and wizard charms.
Self-walking dogs,
Self-igniting logs,
And personal life alarms.

Mobilised running devices and prosthetic hearts,
Impossible coloured cubes with immovable parts.
Self-straining juices,
Self-applying mousses,
And valuable fat-free tarts.

Folding houses and controllable weather,
Wool jumpers with steel-like tether.
Self-preventing tsunamis,
Self-seasoning pastramis,
And skin that is made out of leather.

These things we would die for but do not need,
Are things we lust with our own infant greed.
Selfish people,
Selfish people,
Who must learn to bleed.


This is a piece I wrote when I was younger. It was part of my university application to provide some sort of a portfolio and I included this poem. I keep a hold of older things I write to look back and see if I can improve myself.

I’d change a lot in this piece, it’s by no means perfect, but I find it a fun read and a solid reflection of my pre-student imagination. It’s remained intact.

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