Gibley Finds: Poetry

Another find and it comes from the /r/ocpoetry subreddit workshop again. I read it once then I read it again and for a third time, I said it out loud; I love it. I find it brilliant and refreshing. It’s deep, layered and features some great lexical choice, very clearly written from the heart.

/u/xgnargnarx, the author, posted this in the /r/ocpoetry subreddit and kindly allowed me to feature and share it. You can find more of her poetry here (where she is known as Kiddo) – her work is consistently great and I’d highly suggest having a gander!


It hurts

looks like someone got tired of dredging the 10,000 lakes alone
hoping to churn up the lost bits of a broken home
you say you’ve got ideas knocking at your logic gates
but you’re too busy sifting through regolith to recount the date
teeth made of amalgamate are sore from the grind
force our panchromatic eyes to dilate but neither of us mind
we burn hydrazine and kerosene but we don’t blast off
tell me I am noisy and abrasive like a chronic cough
and cosmically I’m not so sure what it means
something tells me it’s related to our telomeres and genes
so we keep searching for an algorithm to emulate
keep ashing on the pages and carrying atomic weight


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