Gibley Finds: Poetry

/u/SongOfAstrus posted this in the /r/ocpoetry subreddit and with it mentioned that it was an attempt to refine a writing style. It’s only the second poem to be submitted to the workshop yet I think that goal has been met; in its hugely distinctive voice, it’s funny and it’s full of character

While there’s elements of randomness and absurdity, there’s something more to it. It’s that wacky thought most people have but can’t converse. In Conjugated Randomness, it’s exactly that crazy thought communicated into an enjoyable and poetic piece, which I think is a very hard thing to do.

/u/SongOfAstrus was kind enough to allow me to share it. I look forward to more! Enjoy!


Conjugated Randomness

A ballerina leaps across the stage,
Oblivious to the absence of audience.
She cartwheels into a wall
Striking a steel bar for E Flat

Somewhere in China
A little girl taps on the piano,
Hitting the same note

Lights around the world flicker
Humanity knows.
The evolution of man begins to unfold
Language barriers dissolve into salt

The maw of reality hangs agape,
As Earth peeks over its edge
A twenty dimensional entity sings
E Flat

Matter ceases to be of any importance,
The universe experiences a convulsion
And is reborn as a chinchilla
Somewhere in remote Oregon

A single leaf falls from a lamp post.
It is immediately elected president
It cries softly,
Knowing the end is near

The chinchilla runs in front of a car
Intentionally initiating cosmic kamikaze.
You mourn deeply
As I hand you the bill

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