Nesbit Likes: Lyrics by Johnny Flynn

If there was music to accompany a country writing session, where you write on an oak table in a cosy cottage planted on a lush green field, it’d be from Johnny Flynn. He’s soft, melodic and a lot of his music – like the feature below – have buoyancy and flow to them.

The Water is a favourite and while the subject matter is perhaps slightly sombre, there’s an enormous amount of peace and tranquility to the song. It’s packed with great imagery, too, and quite often the aid to my scribbles.

Although the writing is fantastic, it doesn’t do the song justice to simply read them – find his version of the song below, featuring the lovely Laura Marling.

The water sustains me without even trying
The water can’t drown me, I’m done
With my dying

Now the land that I knew is a dream
And the line on the distance grows faint
So wide is my river
The horizon a sliver
The artist has run out of paint

There’s a lot of amazing music from Flynn and while I’d love to share it all, here’s another favourite. It’s the title music to BBC’s The Detectorists, which is a warming series about metal detecting. Here’s a link to it – I don’t think there’s a person on Earth who won’t like it!

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