Gibley Finds: Poetry

People change. Some for the better, some for worse, but ultimately, most are in the direction of maturation. The person who changes, to them, perhaps doesn’t see a change; it’s a seamless line between their life chapters. From a third person perspective, however, it can be massive, as if they went through the door in Stars in Your Eyes; it could be to the point where you can’t identify the past and present persona as one.

This piece is outstanding. It’s a transformation written with powerful imagery and a sense of character you won’t forget. There’s some great contrasting descriptions, too, between the old and new.

Author /u/perfumed-ponce, who posted this to the /r/ocpoetry subreddit, kindly let me share it with my followers. Without a doubt it’s one to remember. Enjoy!

The way she is now

the way she is now:
twenty-three years and I know people
change, but she changed
from jalapeños and tequila
to homegrown jasmine
and touches of black pepper without
asking me to taste her.

the way she is now:
three months since I last touched land,
held rain, but she changed
from grainy black-and-white polaroids
to sharp neon edges
and evergreen flashes filled with
sparks of the light you can catch when it’s
filtered through leaves.

she used to smoke us like a cigarette
between yellowed fingers
and throaty gasps.

she is here, now, unbelievably:
hands newly wedded to clean-cut nails
and a duckling-yellow raincoat
rests at her shoulders.

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