Nesbit Likes: The Epitaph of Gregory Corso

Gregory Corso has an outstanding catalogue of poetry. Even though he was youngest in the solid circle of the beat generation, he had fire and ardor that in many ways was unmatched. His poems Marriage, Destiny and Second Night in NYC After 3 Years are all pieces to add to the staple diet for the beat-loving poets. If you’ve not yet read them, they go nicely with a full voice and a sense of humour.

My first encounter with Corso was reading his epitaph. Corso wrote the inscription himself and it’s beautiful. His writing brilliantly reflects raw human thoughts and behaviour, fears and doubts and his tombstone words echo the purity of his ideas and the strength of his passion. He rests in Rome, Italy, surrounded by Percy and Keats.

— — —
is Life
It flows thru
the death of me
like a river
of becoming
the sea

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