The Performers

Beginning the play, the end of the day,
They exit the wings to the stage
And proudly recite throughout the cool night,
To the young and the ripened of age.

The gentleman cast for his worthy past
And tongue in Shakespearean rhyme.
The boy plays a part of pantomime art
On streets where he works for a dime.

An actor lifelong, the mans voice is strong,
Projecting the beautiful words.
Until his late death, the chosen Macbeth,
And often played Richard the Third.

The boy still is fresh from warm Bangladesh,
He’s known for his magic and toys.
With his breaths of fire and walking the wire,
He wows the small girls and small boys.

The joy is not split to floor or pulpit,
They laugh without breath or a pause.
The man and boy bow, their moment is now,
Sharing the gracious applause.

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