We Are Fragile Things

Yes, our people have done the greatest things.
They’ve explored the deepest trenches,
Climbed the highest mountains,
Even travelled to the moon and back.

But we can be fragile things,
Broken by folly and fault,
Taken by tide and turbulence,
Wrought by death and accident.

And we can be mended,
Healed by truth and trust,
Bandaged by season and time,
Recovered by friends and family.

We are fragile things
Broken by loss and fixed with love.

Kintsugi (also known as kintsukuroi) is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer dusted with gold or silver. You may have seen these bowls or vases and they have these beautiful veins of colour across them, where the pottery has been put back together.

This art inspired this piece. I love the idea that something strong, like a bowl or vase, can be broken quite easily, and while one might toss it aside, the other fixes it, and does so with such care and talent. The finished result, arguably, has more beauty than it did before because of someone’s talent and time and love.

I had a thought. While people have done tremendous things, bigger than we could imagine, for our planet and its people, they too could have these golden seams. They may have been broken or hurt before, but their recovery, reached by the help of others, only made them stronger and more magnificent!

309 thoughts on “We Are Fragile Things

  1. I love your optimistic and insightful post. Fragility is beauty. Fragility means that we have to be careful and treat people right. That brings out empathy and love, and bit by bit, we might just help others reconstruct themselves.

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      1. Thanks……But I know love is nothing but waste of time. If love starts to control you, just destroy it. That is what I am doing, destroying my feelings


  2. Thank you for the like on the comment ❤️. I don’t have a way to send you a direct message that I can see but I am curious if either of you two lovely men could help a young and hungry writer get a small fill of viewership on here. I am having a tough time gaining momentum for some reason. And since I thoroughly believe in my message, I have to chalk it off to some marketing issue 😏 at any rate, you two look successful at many things…appealing to and gaining readers being chief among them. So I thought I might reach out and see if you would be willing to offer any advice? You can check out my work at http://www.theSexualsexpert.org I thank you in advance for your time and consideration …


    1. The only advice would be to write what you want. Don’t write for others, don’t cater your words or ideas for others, do it for yourself. Write because you want to. And then your audience will find you. I can’t suggest anything more if you’re reaching for more views or more followers, as that I don’t know. We got very, very lucky and that’s it.

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      1. I appreciate those words, they resonate with me. I had a very large 100,000 + passionate following in Instagram and then I was banned from the site because my content is so controversial. And since I have been at WP I have had artistic freedom and that has been nice, but it is much harder to gain viewership here, so that has been hard. But I am a woman and this is my plight…so I accept that. But I think I like the takeaway of write for yourself, cause that’s where all of this started for me, my healing, my therapy, and sometimes that can get lost in the business of writing… So thank you ❤️

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