The Announcement

As most of you know, today is National Poetry Day. It’s been a pleasure to read through the shared poets and their poetry, to finding new writers and learning of their ideas and lives. You can never have enough!

In this poetry light comes this post. A few days ago, we mentioned there would be a little announcement. Over the past year, there’s been a project underway and we’d like to confirm a Nesbit and Gibley poetry collection is in the works!

The book will contain mostly original pieces. These won’t be shared on the blog, nor on any other site, not ever. If you’ve enjoyed what we’ve done and would like to support the website (and if you like a little exclusivity!), this book is for you. The book will also include a small selection from the site.

It’s been quite the dream to produce something real. Having the website, the amazing followers and the incredible feedback, has been life-changing. The community is brilliant and it’s the vast amount of talented writers we follow who inspire us to write ourselves. However, having something to hold in your hands, something for the bookshelf or the coffee table, would complete our poetry experience.

Of course, there’ll hopefully be a Kindle edition to all those electronic users!

More details to come over the next few weeks. The book title and cover we’ll keep secret, just for a little while, until they’re both finalised.

If you’re interested, watch this space! Thank you for reading and happy National Poetry Day!

Until the next one,

Nesbit and Gibley

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