Gibley Finds: Poetry

A seasonal find for you today!

Laurie Grommett has kindly let us share Whispered Words, a poem focused on the use of the letter ‘w’, and it’s a real treat to read. Poems that focus on one letter can be tricky. It’s easy to fall into repetitive sounds and saturate the reader of variation – but the utilisation here couldn’t have been done better.

This piece is one to read aloud; the iambic tetrameter resonates with the Romantics, as well as the solid imagery and touches of personification. The use of alliteration is not too sparse nor too compact and the way it bounces along to the meter delivers real satisfaction. There’s a little ambiguity to the end and it’s well done – it adds a little haunt, it adds a little love.

A brilliant picture of winter which truly flourishes the beauty of our coldest season.


Whispered Words

A whirling sweep of soft wet snow
awoke the woodsy countryside
as crisp flakes flurried to and fro
and winter townscape opened wide.

The wind weaved in and out in waves
bewitching as a wizard’s wand.
The wisps of wonder iced the nave
and water logged the well and pond.

I wiped the wood on windowsill
and tweaked a notch to whiff fresh air.
He whispered words of grace, goodwill.
I saw white shadow standing there.

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