Gibley Finds: Poetry

A short find for you today, Garden is a straightforward poem with a broad perspective.

What made this stand out for me was it’s simplicity. No fancy metaphors, no hyperbole, just an honest ambition. It’s the determination in this piece that really grips, and how it exemplifies the strive for a successful life. Of course, there’s more than one way to interpret this. It could be taken very literally, focusing on one particular graveyard which is rarely visited, overgrown and overpopulated with the dead, where the headstones are left to erode.

Otherwise, it’s the aspiration, to cement yourself in history in some way, where the epitaph isn’t like any other. Instead, it’s a bold statement, an important name, someone who was successful in their life, whose grave would be visited, someone who was worthy of monument or statue.

Dahelzat kindly let us share this poem. Whilst it’s not Christmassy, I do think it’s a drive for the new year. It doesn’t have to be fame or fortune that you pursue. What’s key is that you  work hard and fulfil your goals. To bring good, whether it be to a hamlet, city or country. To be extraordinary.


I don’t want to be planted
in the garden of dead men,
where the stone flowers grow
and a library of words are never read.

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