Gibley Finds: Poetry

This poem has just popped up; the imagery and the feel have really stuck. MeganSense, who is also on WordPress, kindly let us share this piece.

Three words come straight to mind in City Behind Windows: melody, monotony, and motion. In regards to the latter, the whole piece is of movement; the train, the bus, the walk, and I love how it takes you on a journey. We’ve all experienced that harsh commute, how monotonous it can be, and we all know how nice it is to be contained from it all, in our homes at the end of the day.

I was captured from the beginning – it’s that opening line that delivers the tone. It’s almost oxymoronic; ask anyone how a train sounds and most won’t say it’s of harmony. But because it’s everyday, because it’s the same sounds repeated each morning and each afternoon, it must be of some music. A cluttered, mechanical chorus, perhaps, but nonetheless a song of the city. And this is beautifully framed through the windows, our little cinema squares that capture the speeding world, even when we’re home, in our safe, quiet space for sleep.

MeganSense has expressed this well, in all the shapes and sizes. A great piece that encompasses a busy, urban lifestyle, and the tiny quests for tranquillity.


City Behind Windows

The train sang
The city changed
Behind the windows
We passed the high rises
And the violent shaped arenas

The bus stopped
I ensured the fare
And I watched the same city lights
Flicker in those windows too.
How will the city sleep tonight?

I walked two blocks
Through smoke clouds
And bar fights
Turned left and left again
And retired to my bed
Where the city moves outside my window
And I share my rectangle
With the cat.

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