The Artist

banksyThe world is your canvas,
and whether it be
to create

or destroy,
do what you must.

Image taken of graffiti artist Banksy’s piece on Frogmore Street, Bristol.

This piece, like any other of Banksy’s, sprung up overnight. The entire path, the entire street in fact, the next morning was blocked with a crowd in awe. Photographs, phonecalls and press. ‘Well-Hung Lover’ is perhaps one of the more famous Banksy pieces in Bristol, behind the Mild, Mild West feature on Jamaica Street.

I love how artists, in any shape or form, have this dire need to express. Without it, they can’t communicate, they can’t discover themselves, it’s as if they cannot breathe. It could be through art, it could be through cooking, nevertheless it’s vital practice for the creative. Despite the laws, despite defacing private property, Banksy delivered a piece that has stood the test of time: a simple, thought-provoking image of humour.

And whilst it didn’t quite ruin the picture, perhaps the original intention, I love how someone else felt the need to express themselves as well, in that same particular place, with a dose of blue paint.

In any creation, something is equally destroyed. The plain white paper becomes ink stained. The grand boulder becomes chiselled to monument. The lump of clay hardens to pottery.

Art will always transform, whether it be mind, body, or the side of a sexual health clinic.


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