Gibley Finds

Some poems stick with you, over weeks, over years. Every now and then, Nesbit and Gibley find poems from authors, old and new, amateur and professional, that completely inspire and transport.

The authors below have very kindly allowed us to share their poems with our followers. They’re fantastic pieces, all incredibly well written and we highly suggest browsing through them. These are absolute gems.

Many of the poems are found on the /r/ocpoetry forums of Reddit. If you’re after feedback or criticism, it’s a great, friendly place to submit.

no stars, shouting lights
by T.M. Puype

The black between the stars
by Brenden Norwood

How Time Affects Her
by /u/Jamonde

by Dahelzat

Whispered Words
by Laurie Grommet

Rest Stop
by Bob Mason

by /u/_layman_

The Unsaid Words of Falling in Love with a Stranger at a Coffee Shop
by Brenden Norwood

Sunday Morning, 11 O’ Clock
by Gearoid O’Donnell

To Be Opened After My Passing
by William Godbey

And The Night Is Enormous
by /u/bluejay43

I Found Hell In A Gas Station In California
by Josh (/u/bubeez)

The way she is now
by /u/perfumed-ponce

by John Yanez

Good thing I’m lazy right?
by /u/dirtylizard

Conjugated Randomness
by /u/SongofAstrus

It hurts
by /u/xgnargnarx

On Hell
by /u/mhwillingham