Short Stories

The Man Who Calls
A man keeps calling. He’s looking for Joseph Pues. He misses him.

Proving Human
Driving home alone through a forest, a man comes
across an accident. He finds himself tested
in his ability to save a life, by any means necessary.
Inspired by Robert Frost’s poem The Most of It.

Grand Grand Parents
Visiting his grandparents, who split from each other years ago,
a young man is reminded of the harsh differences between the two.
However, after a closer look, not everyone is so different.

Life in Season
1. Spring / 2. Autumn / 3. Summer / 4. Winter
A story told in a four parts, exploring the life of one man
and the perils of growing up. Loss and love, greed
and generosity,
all encompassed across four
seasons over years
of learning and maturation.
It’s a harsh world, but only if we let it be.

Taking off my Boot
One day, Joseph doesn’t come out for a drink. Unusual,
considering he hasn’t missed a day for the past twelve years,
and only lives around the corner from the pub.
One friend worries, and investigates this habit breaking.

I’m 83
An old man can’t keep up with the pace of technology. 
As his friends and family soar ahead on new gadgets and gizmos,
he wonders if life had always been like this.

Voices to the Heavens
One man comes into work with his booming voice that
carries a loud apology for being late. On the surface,
it’s all a joke to the office. Just that, a joke.

The Drought
After saying goodbye to his father, a man looks back over his life.
Nothing can change the past, only the way you look at it.

There’s a lot you can tell about someone if you look at what they buy.
Alcohol, healthy food, their choice of magazine. You can learn
a lot more when you notice what they stop buying.

There’s that feeling we all get as the countdown
begins, announcing the new year. We are filled with
motivation, discipline and hope for a better life. Improved
health and fitness, a new love, a new life.
How funny, it always is, when it dissipates so quickly!

In My Footsteps
No doubt it’d be great to win the lottery, whether the
prize be a lump of money, a holiday, or survival.
If only there was someone to share it with.

Our Shaun
Back when I worked in an off-licence, my supervisor told
me about her son Shaun. The toughest guy around.
Her anecdotes are chilling and I’ve never forgotten them.

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