Gentleman of Nature

A hurricane appears, this impatient, brutish weather quickly brews,
It peels tiled roofs, pulls up roots, tugs men out of their boots.
A volcano erupts on his whim, rudely littering skies with ash,
Clogging forests and choking towns.
A storm conjures when it wants, swashing seas, tipping ships,
And the tectonic places shift, aggressive slips,
Collapsing buildings above, toppling markets and stalls,
Cracking streets and breaking schools.

Kind and courteous, the Severn bore is the true gentleman of nature.
He sticks to his regular times in the politest manner,
As if to say, before he casts his two metre waves,
Hurtling them upstream,
“This is what time I’ll arrive.
Please make sure to stay
Out of the water.
I pass through here once a day.
I would stop but I can’t,
So keep safe.”

The Severn bore actually has a timetable – it’s one of my favourite natural wonders, partly for its punctuality!