Gibley Finds: Poetry

Often, we are all subject to desperately wanting to change something. Whether it be ourselves, our careers, our diets or the orange wallpaper surrounding us. We want to change so much that it burns us up inside, it torments us but, in human nature, sometimes we just don’t follow through. We put up with it, for the better or for the worse.

/u/dirtyLizard kindly allowed me to share his piece – I think it’s brilliant! It’s a poem that goes from 0 to 100 quickly, with a superb opening stanza that sends you right in. It’s got quite the kick to it, too, and provided fresh perspective as well as a chuckle. Very well written and I look forward to finding more from dirtyLizard! Enjoy!


Good thing I’m lazy right?

This wallpaper
makes me want to pop my head open with a vice and pry bar
and play with the green and red wires in my skull until I can’t see orange anymore
or until my eyes explode.

Or I’ll go outside.
And I swear, if it doesn’t stop snowing on me I’ll get the biggest ladder I can find and burn the clouds down!

Then I’ll float there.
Something has to right?

And you may think I’m crazy,
but I’m not the one beating Jesus with a keyboard and microphone until his own mom couldn’t recognize him anymore.

But I digress.
Or I will.
When I’m done floating.
Which may take a while seeing as it’s comfy up here in the empty sky.
Feels a lot like my bed
and looks like my room.

The wallpaper’s coming back.
Maybe I should just paint over it this time… fucking orange.

But I’m tired from burning clouds and diffusing my eyes and what not.
I’ll do it tomorrow.

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