Life in Season – Update

Life in Season – Winter, the final chapter to the short story series, is ready to be posted. Before, we’d love to thank our followers and readers for supporting us during our episodic short story.

It means a lot for someone, anyone, to read your writing, whether it’s posted on paper or on a website. To anyone who read, skimmed, indulged or even glanced at our work, thank you so much for your time. We hope you’ve enjoyed the variety and, in this case, the strange, slightly depressing story that we’ve told. Life in Season has been quite experimental and challenging and the support we’ve received has been very kind and generous.

Of course, it is only an attempt to match the standards we read daily. The WordPress community is flourishing with talent and it’s a real treat to open the reader and explore the creativity. Our writing doesn’t begin until we’ve poured over the new content from the people we follow, and we’re inspired – which doesn’t take long!

We hope you enjoy our final chapter, titled (if you could guess!) Life in Season  -Winter.

Until the next one,

Nesbit and Gibley

*A small note: the short story originated from a poem we wrote back in February titled Lights Out. I suppose it’s the condensed version if anyone is interested!

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