The Nesbit and Gibley Reveal

Spillwords Press have very kindly asked to get to know Nesbit and Gibley. You can read the interview here in the Spotlight on Writers post. In light of this, as well as being something I’ve been longing to do, it’s time I share more about myself with you.

Nesbit and Gibley started in late 2015. The site is still quite new, considering many of the people I follow on WordPress have been here for much, much longer. At first, it was another place for the writing. If you’re to pen a few pieces, put some ideas together, I always thought I might as well share it, and if even one person reads it and enjoys it, it’d mean a lot, and it’d build my confidence. It’s only a year and a half later and the site is where I never thought it could ever be.

Nesbit and Gibley is a pseudonym I’ve been writing under. Quite different from the usual singular identity most people adopt. I preferred the idea of having essentially two pseudonyms. Nesbit was going to provide the prose, and Gibley the poetry. Two parts of the brain, if you will. I always liked the backstory to a writer, and I liked the idea of two old men finally penning their thoughts after so many years, to get it all out before they passed. This will bring you to the Nesbit and Gibley you know. But it has only ever been me.

I know this won’t be a surprise for some. I’m well aware it’s April Fools Day (Spillwords arranged that!) but I assure you it’s the truth. This won’t change anything about the content of the website, of which many of you are very kindly supporting. The poetry will keep coming, the short stories, too (when I’ve got to finalising them). It may, however, change the voice of which you read the writing, and I hope that’s okay.

As some of you will know, a book is on the way. A poetry collection. Because these are personal poems, of which I hope you’d like to read, it’s only fair I tell you who has written them. If you’re interested, they will lend some light into this little life of mine. That’s not to say the Nesbit and Gibley-isms, the style of writing, will be left from the book. It’s always been me, it always will be.

I’m so grateful for my followers, for your likes and kind comments. I’ve been very lucky to have had my work shared with larger websites, too, who’ve brought in a bigger crowd and spread the Nesbit and Gibleyness further than the site. It’s a real treat to log on and find someone has enjoyed my poetry. The constructive feedback is hugely appreciated, too, as I love to learn and develop my writing.

I know quite a lot about you, reading through the new posts every morning with my toast and coffee (I sometimes have porridge if the mood strikes). I love the writers here, the creators, the photographers, and it’s always lovely to know about the person behind the art. So, the same will be offered, for anyone curious.

My name is Harry Thurston, I’m 26, and I live in Bristol, UK. I work as a green grocer. Here’s a picture of me at a reading. It’s nice to meet you.


(Apologies for the low quality!)

2 thoughts on “The Nesbit and Gibley Reveal

  1. This just in…my favorite old guys are NOT! Harry, thanks for the reveal but I’m just floored that two of my favorite characters just went up in smoke. You even sound like two old guys. Your poems “Rent” & “Then the World Split in Two” made me want to swim across the Atlantic & give you a hug. So now I’m wondering what to do with the new young guy in my life- or maybe I just consider you the actor that plays my favorite characters? Whatever..keep on writing old.

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    1. I’m happy to hear you’ve called N&G your favourite old guys. Thank you =) I’m sorry for the illusion break but it was time. Nothing will change for the writing, which I hope you’ll enjoy, despite the lifted curtain.

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